hello beautifuls. i havent been on in months but im going to change this. im back! (;

Cherish Everyday .&. Live not in fear But in the moment for the fear it could be your last<3
I’m hurting right now<//3

have you ever been hurt?

It’s been two and a half weeks and he’s still on my mind it makes me want to cry. Ik we only went out for a short while but we talked before that and damn I swear I fell hard and I had promised myself I wasn’t gonna do this this year.

And I miss you so much I just wanna throw up. I dream of you some nights and wakeup sad that I can’t text u goodmorning and that you won’t call to say goodnight and some how I’m waiting for you to talk to me and Iknow it’s not gonna happen . I know it won’t and I’m sry. I’m sorry to you i guess i wasn’t very interesting but you didn’t even get to see all of me for who i am.  And damn It’s killing me and I just want to cry I get nauseous from the thought of you. I just want to scream and the feeling builds and builds and I just want to scream I swear I can’t take it sometimes I just want to cry, but i can’t.

Why’d you make me fall just to catch me and leave me alone. and they say the hardest goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained. You never gave me a reason and i didn’t really get a goodbye I called you we talked and you just said u felt it wasn’t working out and that was it and now day after day you pass by me like nothing Like I’m no one and we never even talked. You don’t even say hi and I know one of these days I’ll build up the courage to say Hi first but right now It’s killing me how things ended I just want you to go away I wanna rid my self of the hundreds of little memories i have of you<//3 Please just stop. 
I wish I could turn my brain off:”( 

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